BNT Solar Security Sign, Private Property No Trespassing Signs, Easy Mounting, Weather Resistant Security Camera Sign for Yard Home Outdoor CCTV ( Night Lighting-1 pack)

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  • THEY ARE – 24 Hour video surveillance sign, no trespass signs. The letters and camera shapes are clear and easy to recognize. Everyone can understand it, even if they do not know English.
  • ADVANCED SOLAR PANEL – Charges during the day and lights up at night to warn intruders that your home is protected by BNT. You can adjust the angle of the solar panel vertical 45°, horizontal 360° for optimum sun exposure and increase the solar energy conversion up to 17.6%.
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT DESIGN – Solar security signs are made of sturdy and durable ABS material, it has excellent durability and quality assurance. The graphics and wordings will withstand the elements and will not fade, no matter the sun, rain, or other extreme weather.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – ① Effortless to insert into the ground with just a downward push. No special tools or strenuous digging required. ② Through attached screws installs easily and quickly to ceiling/wall/surface. No trespassing signs are very suitable to be placed in gardens, paths, yards, swimming pools, terraces, etc.
  • DETER INTRUDERS – This unique size design makes the wording stand out and easy to understand, and the appearance of the shield can deter intruders very well. (SIZE: 11.41*9.05*2.16 inch) No-Risk purchase, tell us if you have any questions.


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  • The security sign comes with wall mounting interface as well as a ground spike, which is perfect to be stuck into the ground or mounted on the wall without wire required.
  • It is fully resistant to particles entering it and is resistant to jets of water. The stakes are particularly durable and will keep the lights in place over a long period of time.
  • During the day, the solar panel converts solar power into electricity and store in the rechargeable battery.
  • Duration of lighting depends on sunshine exposure, install location, weather conditions and the hours of daylight. (Auto on at night / Auto off at sunrise).




  1. Please make sure to turn on the switch before use.
  2. If there is no good sunlight for several days, thus the solar security sign may not light up at night.
  3. It will get power if sunny day comes and light up after 5 hours of charging.

39 reviews for BNT Solar Security Sign, Private Property No Trespassing Signs, Easy Mounting, Weather Resistant Security Camera Sign for Yard Home Outdoor CCTV ( Night Lighting-1 pack)

  1. Melissa Garzon

    I really like it!!! It’s so bright at night! Set up was easy.

  2. Veronica Arce-Cano

    Love the product, will recommend with friends and family thank you

  3. Derek Bingham

    Perfect lighting and ambience for my driveway.

  4. Vicki Morgan

    I enjoy having this sign in my yard to help keep intruders away. I like the way it lights up at night too.


    Signage is well constructed and appears to be durable.

  6. Alace A Ray

    the sign came in nicely packaged and worked right out of the box, was very bright inside my house and I’m sure it will be very visible to the street outside especially after it gets some sunlight. good mounting choices aswell . very happy.

  7. Michelle Brown

    This is a great lighted sign and it is Very easily seen!

  8. Trenessa Annibal – we prefer the solar motion sensor light

    the sign is great – wonderful illumination….glad I bought it,

  9. Clyde Morales

    Super easy to set up, it’s very visible and very bright at night. Highly recommend for an additional level of security

  10. Jose serrano

    Bright and visible at night easy for anyone to see. Also it is big enough to see from far.

  11. Jenniveth Hamili

    wonderful product. great packaging.

  12. Ray Goins

    Someone tried to steal my bicycles a couple nights ago and I hope the sign will deter them from ever try and get again. My home has a security system with a doorbell camera, however they were outside the range. Luckily they were unable to break the lock.

  13. subhasni prasad

    amazing item. loved it. arrived on time

  14. David

    This sign works really well. It glows up nicely at night, so that it can be seen as a warning.

  15. Herbert Sharpe

    This is the best security product I seen out there. I feel safer at night now

  16. Courtney Hall

    Very bright and noticeable. Can’t miss it in the yard!

  17. Melanie Daigle

    It was so Easy to set up I like the it looks and it will add to the security of my house.

  18. Pennie Spooner

    I love how it lights up, that it is solar so you don’t have to worry about batteries

  19. Melanie Chruscial

    The sign is very useful for helping to deter potential trespassers

  20. Isaac Whitmore

    It is constructed better than I expected. I like it. I hope it lasts in the weather.

  21. Jarrett west

    I love your product and my brother is going to buy the led surveillance sign too.

  22. Kheang Kaing

    I wish stake make out of metal so will last longer since it plastic I’m not how long will long sit in sun and snow all year around.

  23. Bryan Baysa

    Works better us a deterrent than my non-lighted sign. It’s very visible at night and on the road. So it’s perfect for not only daytime, but also at night. Batteries are still taking a charge, and sign remains lit for a long time. Happy with this purchase

  24. Betsy Booth

    I really like the illumination of the product when it gets dark. It goes along great setting right under my cameras where people can see it.

  25. Melissa Torre

    The sign is great! So bright, love it!

  26. Debbie Winters

    Love the look. Love the bright light. Great product!!

  27. Maggie Austin

    This sign is very bright and is visible from the road. I hope that it is a great deterrent for thieves.


    It is a large size and easy to see as it lights up.

  29. Nate C

    Great light so far. Will know more as time goes on

  30. Samuel Tsai

    Love it. It’s a good one for self defense.

  31. Ashley Davis

    Love! Love! My solar security sign. I have bought many security signs and none of them held up, they was flimsy. I was so happy to see this one was different! It’s so bright and heavy duty.


    Easy to assemble, very well lit, durable and large enough to aee

  33. Heather baldridge

    I love that it is solar and dont need to keep replacing batteries!

  34. Nancy Whitt

    It is perfect for my needs easy to set up and install.

  35. Laszlo Sas

    great sign for the front yard, hope it will unwanted people out of our property

  36. Rafael Cansino

    I came across the product while browsing amazon and decided to purchase the product to try it out. When I received my product I discovered it was much better than I hoped for it to be.

  37. Jose Calo

    Product is great and very bright. Can be seen from the street.

  38. Zachary Ordonez

    The product stands out nicely and love the solar-powered dawn/dusk feature for lighting up at night. However, I wish the pole was metal instead of plastic.

  39. Charles J Bernardi

    Well designed easy to install .It should deter people from entering our property.

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