BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera (4 Pack, White)

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  • THEY ARE: Realistic simulation surveillance cameras, providing you with similar protections to real cameras, reducing the possibility of crime, and much cheaper.
  • HOW TO WORK: With the same appearance to real cameras, people will think it’s real cameras, even in the close distance during the day; With the built-in photoelectric sensor, the red LED light only illuminating at night, very eye-catching. They will 7×24 protects your safety.
  • TIPS: Install both fake and real camera to protect your home and business with such little cost. Choose high-quality AA battery to prevent inferior batteries, leak liquid, and damage the battery case;
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wires needed, with attached screws, installs easily and quickly to ceiling/wall/surface. 2 pcs AA batteries needed(NOT included).3 axis rotation, get desired angle easily.
  • PACKAGE CONTAINS: 4 x BNT Simulation Camera (White), 4 x Screw Bags,2 pcs AA batteries operated (NOT included). Any questions, feel free to contact us directly.Email:




Product Description




4X Fake camera

4X Screw bag


Camera Weight:3.4 pounds

Working Current: 3mA

Power Consumption:0.0045w


1 Use both fake and real camera to get a balance between cost and security .

2 Choose high quality AA battery to prevent inferior batteries, leak liquid, and damage the battery case;

3 When replacing the battery, please avoid rain and moisture erosion to maintain the life of the battery case;

4 Please dispose of used batteries properly to protect the environment.

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19 reviews for BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera (4 Pack, White)

  1. Chase Boggs

    Hi, I just received the 4 pack of dummy Security Cameras I’ve been anxiously awaiting. I was saddened to find out that they don’t work properly. On two of the cameras the red light keeps flickering on and off while on the third it doesn’t cut on at all. Only one of the cameras work properly. I’m using brand new batteries for them all. I love the look of the one that works so I’d love for all of them to work. My order number is #112-8390057-1267440 if that helps. Please help me, thank you. I love the product that does work and I’d love to have the full 4 pack that works plus the 2 free gifts. Thank you

  2. Joseph Liao

    Looks pretty good, I added a wire so it looks more realistic.

    I use this for our warehouse at work, I have some real cameras but needed a few more to look even better.

  3. David Reso

    I purchased these cameras for a vacant home which I have listed on the market. The home was broken into, however these cameras be ideal to deter further break-ins and to protect my property. I would recommend these fake security cameras to anyone who wants added protection and a low cost.

  4. Brian Lowry

    Looks real scares away meth heads.

  5. Avg. Joe

    I’ve already recommended this product to a friend of mine

  6. Tazeca King

    Cameras work great for my Home . Thank You for such a great product

  7. Dennis Vick

    Helping to solve a huge problem created by neighbor who turned his home into a short term vacation rental. Thank you!

  8. C. Duffell

    Good Quality, good deception! A+

  9. Kale Duffell

    I like this version, but I first saw your cameras at a friend’s house. The version he had, the red light flashes. I would have preferred the flashing light to the steady light, but both are fine.

  10. Julie Swieciak

    Well constructed, realistic looking cameras. These were easy to put up and look very similar to a set of real security cameras I recently bought. These give me peace of mind that my home is protected (even if it is just a simulation).

  11. John Clyburn

    We have horrible neighbors that are a constant problem and these have been a life saver!

  12. Peter Greene

    These look real. I have added in places where I don’t have live cams. These are inexpensive deterrent devices. I recommend them.

  13. Test test

    High quality light, like that it looks like a security camera also.

  14. Luke Scott

    LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Looks very real, and it very sturdy. Highly Recommend!

  15. Yeni Villeda

    They look so real, I will definitely recommend it to my family members. They’re really good quality.

  16. Kevin Myers

    Looks Great! Love this product

  17. Tony Kinard

    Looks great! Design looks current with the latest cameras on the market. Especially like the nighttime activated led to help create a very convincing deterrent to would-be thieves.

  18. Joel Warner

    Great product! Love the extra stickers. Super easy to get installed and looks great. Great for extra deterrent!

  19. Ken Davidson

    Looks like the real thing. Easy to install. Great price

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