BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera, with One Red LED Light at Night, for Home and Businesses Security Indoor/Outdoor (2 Pack, White)


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  • THEY ARE: Realistic simulation surveillance cameras, providing you with similar protections to real cameras, reducing the possibility of crime, and much cheaper.
  • HOW TO WORK: With the same appearance to real cameras, people will think it’s a real camera, even in the close distance during the day; With the built-in photoelectric sensor, the red LED light only illuminated at night, very eye-catching. They will 7×24 protects your safety.
  • TIPS: Install both fake and real camera to protect your home and business with such little cost. Choose high-quality AA battery to prevent inferior batteries, leak liquid, and damage the battery case;
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No wires needed, with attached screws, installs easily and quickly to ceiling/wall/surface. 2 pcs AA batteries needed(NOT included).2 axis rotation, get desired angle easily.


Product Description

POE Camera POE Cables Fake Security Camera Solar Lights Outdoor
Compatible Cameras Compatible Cables Face Security Camera Solar Lights Outdoor
Funtion Video/ Audio Surveillance Connect NVR / Camera Hide Real Camera illumination
Powered By NVR NVR 2pcs AA Battery Solar
Connection Type Ethernet Cable / Wireless Wireless

41 reviews for BNT Dummy Fake Security Camera, with One Red LED Light at Night, for Home and Businesses Security Indoor/Outdoor (2 Pack, White)

  1. Jennifer L Herald

    Authentic-looking & easy to install – gives peace of mind.

  2. Sharon Glover

    awesome product and would recommend future customers to purchase product

  3. Kayla Carero

    I loved the one that was working unfortunately the second one the light was not properly working but I got a prompt response back and this should be replaced. I’m so happy with the customer service and the product

  4. D Case

    Pros … good looking from a distance. Template sticker. Easy to install.

    Cons … I’d prefer there not be the prominent “BNT” logo on each side of the camera. While BNT does produce real survellience cameras, it only takes a minutes to do a good search and identify that these are the fake ones since they look differant than your real ones.

    The LED light on one of the cameras I received did not work. This isn’t a big deal for me since I didn’t install batteries in them anyway.

  5. James Cody Hittson

    Pretty good, like the daytime sensors

  6. Ashley Paddock

    I love it, looks like a real legit camera I just switch there was a button to turn the red light off in the day time!

  7. Matt Hayes

    Got these so I could use with my existing real camera set up to keep costs down. Thank you.

  8. Ernesto

    Perfect i loveeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddddd

  9. Raymond Medina

    Very realistic. I love the red light. It looks amazing on our garage because we store expensive bikes there. I needed something to look like the real deal and these are perfect. Thank you

  10. Hayley Makarewich

    i love that the red light comes on in the dark and turns off in the daylight. Looks real!

  11. Ben Aldredge

    Great deterrent to keep a would be thief from trying to steal something.

  12. Tracy Smith

    All is good. Looks like a real wireless camera. Goes good with the real camera.

  13. Shursen Parsad

    Just what I needed. I have people walking their dogs past my property and they (the pet owners) are not picking up after their pets. I’m hopeful that seeing a camera will motivate them to pick up after their pets.

  14. Danielle Nicole Calato

    They look great. Very realistic. Happy that I purchased.

  15. Don Donaldson

    Very realistic looking. Love the light sensor for the red LED

  16. Tim Radak

    fits my needs perfectly. And cost is reasonable

  17. Kurt J Fritz

    Great value. I love that the red light only come on at night.

  18. Todd Courts

    Easy to install and looks like it will compliment our real cameras.

  19. Jia Wang

    This works really well! I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a camera to keep your house safe!

  20. Joseph Kelley

    The motion sensor is defective on one of them, I put brand new batteries but the light doesn’t come on

  21. Jason Malone

    Nice produce. I like the light detecting feature

  22. Kalom everette

    So far it’s everything I was looking for !

  23. Karen leaf

    These are great I have real cameras but added this to the collection

  24. Jamie Isenhour

    Looks good! We put a wire on it and you cannot tell it from our real ones. Very cool!

  25. di detig

    after a month installed, i will tell you impact on neighborhood. do you have security labels as well for window

  26. Stephen Burr

    It’s great. Easy to install. Highly recommend it.

  27. john wong

    Very realistic. Loved how the red light stays on only at night

  28. Thomas Sparks

    Love the cameras! Easy to setup and love the blinking LED light. Makes me feel safe.


    Nice product, looks like a real one…i used with a real ones just for my security….no differences! Easy to install..also you can add a real land cable to more real simulation….

  30. Joan Collins

    They give me a sense of security it a couple of areas that I would not have been able to do as easy as these cameras. They look very real.

  31. Alex Choi

    This product is more than my expectations. It looks like real one compare to real security cameras I already have.

  32. mitchell littrell

    Good easy design. Simple installation. I have already recommend it to others.

  33. Josh Klabunde

    I love the product. They look incredibly real and were very simple to install. Thus far I have had no problems with them and my roommates were surprised to find out these were dummy cameras. My only suggestion would be to remove the BNT logo or to place it in a less obvious place. A quick search for BNT cameras on amazon reveals these are fake and thus defeats their point.

  34. Deanna Rizzuto-Lung

    I had similar cameras previously that had the red light when it sensed motion and moved side to side which was pretty cool

  35. Frank Taylor

    Very well made product. Easy to install. Very realistic looking.

  36. Chris Swenson

    I love the product as a simple deterrent for my properties. Look like the real thing for sure!

  37. David Adler

    Just installed. Will rate again once we determine if is a real deterrent to package theft and/or other security issues.

  38. Luke Judice

    I set up these cameras around our camp and nobody has done anything since

  39. Todd Taylor

    It was extremely to install and the camera looks very realistic.

  40. Thomas Dvorak

    Very satisfied. Product is well built for the cost and matches product description

  41. David Brellis

    Looks just like the real thing. You can’t tell it apart from a real or fake one

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